Holistic dental hygienist and patients prefer to use organic and all natural products. All Natural Prophy Paste ™ was created by a dental hygienist for this very reason. Do you have a testimonial or story that you want us to publish? If so, contact us here.

I discovered that, because this All Natural Prophy Paste ™ is so alkalizing, the plaque was easier to take off and remove heavy stain. As a result my patient’s teeth became 2 shades whiter!
Kathleen, RDH, California
My husband and I use this prophy paste to help keep our bodies in good shape. The almost instant effect of it being in the oral cavity and so close to the brain and thyroid allow for renewed energy not to mention it clears out the throat of any bacteria trying to attack the tonsils
Trudy Schuckers, RDH, California