A map of Proganics™ Dental practices offering Dental Hygiene visits with “All Natural Prophy Paste” cleanings.


When you hear the word “Dentist” or “dental visit” there is that thought of immediate “pain”! Right? But what about when you hear the phrase “Holistic Dentist”? Why does hearing that seem “less painful” right? In fact, it actually sounds “healthier” to most people. Why is “Holistic Dentistry” seem to finally be picking up more and more traction inside the healthcare community? Overall, reason is a properly trained “Holistic Dentist” or also commonly known as a “Biological Dentist” has been studying years and years of the combined mouth and body health connections. These “Biological Dentists” collaborate with other types of wellness care doctors to help their patients to receive the best overall “total” health care, or you could call it “integrative mouth and body health care”.

How is this accomplished? First off their services offered for dental care are way more sensitized to each patient’s immune healthcare conditions. The “Biological Dentist” works with other Integrative Health Care practitioners to offer such services as Chirodontics dental care ( a service which offers combined dental and chiropractic treatment to balance out your TMJ,skull and bite),mercury safe-not just mercury free safe amalgam removal. This type of service is a “huge” attraction for most newbies to the “Holistic Dentist” market.  Most advocates for conservative, non-surgical, minimally invasive dentistry using air-abrasion, ozone therapy, laser therapy, also CAD, CAM, or CEREC devices for customized teeth restoration.

Overall, “Biological Dentists” also known as “Holistic Dentists” use safer materials, low-radiation digital x-rays, fluoride free products like “Proganics” “All natural prophy paste” used for all dental hygiene cleaning appointments, seek alternatives to root canals,  practice integrative medicine, and pursue natural remedies. This takes time to learn. Most of these services mentioned above are not currently be taught in any dental school program. So these specialized caring dental professionals take the extra time once graduated, learning about new ways to offer safer dental health treatments with safer dental materials that are non-toxic for their overall patient’s combined mouth and body healthcare.

Most holistic type dentists belong to groups of like-minded healing health organizational groups. These groups commonly known as associations are ones like IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine Toxicology), or IABDM (International Association of Biological Dental Medicine), which is the most popular, and the HDA (Holistic Dental Association. Still when the rubber hits the road, why you need a “Holistic Dentist” comes down to personal preference. Are you the type of person who prefers a “quick fix” or are you the type of person who prefers “investing into long-lasting prevention”? The major benefits of investing in long-lasting prevention are many. The side effects include receiving mouth and body health care assessments by caring dental professionals a lifetime. The mouth and body links are there. The information about mouth and body links known as the “oral-systemic link” is not to be lightly overlooked at all.

If looking for long-lasting results dental effects-this means not chewing on plastic teeth at the age of 60yrs old, then you might want to consider visiting “Biological Dentists” for your life long dental health care. Not only will they consider, bio-compatible and non-toxic teeth materials, they will treat you as a whole person vs just your mouth. They will look at your teeth as  “medical bio markers” for what is happening inside  your bodies health. And isn’t that what you really want. A dental healthcare professional who literally is one thinking “outside the mouth”?


Frequently Asked Questions

A unique formulated combination of alkalizing blends of all natural organic ingredients created by a Integrative Wellness Dental Hygienist over months of research with her patients. Bentonite Clay, essential oil blends, oral-systemic immune strengthening liquids.

Regular prophy paste uses artificial coloring and flavors to taste. Most all include Fluroride and recommend that your patients not “swallow” the paste being used to polish the teeth. Our Proganics™ All “Natural Prophy Paste” is safe to “swallow”!

Yes! Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” helps to whiten teeth remove stain with its alkalizing ingredients which neutralize the acid saliva and plaque that cover the teeth.

Yes in a positive way!! Helps strengthen implants and enamel around all crowns and fillings. How? Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” alkalizes the mouth saliva for better resistance to mouth bacteria invasion.


The word “Fluoride” comes from “Fluorine” which is a common natural abundant element. The problem lies in the excessive exposure of “Fluoride” which is linked to number of health issues...

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When you hear the words “Immune System”, sounds way to medical, right? Now add the phrase “suppressed immune” system. That even can send one’s mind over the top with lack...

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