A Maintenance All Natural Toothpaste

Benefits To Using Daily

SafeKiss™ A Maintenance All Natural Toothpaste for use at home

Patients using SafeKiss™ at home daily is a great way to take their professional dental hygiene visits home with them. Patients using SafeKiss™ comment about how their teeth “feel” clean even 2 weeks after their professional dental hygiene visit. The all natural ingredients in SafeKiss™ help to aid home care plaque removal making it easy and enticing for daily patient usage. SafeKiss™ for all types of individuals: children Grandparents Traveling Adults Families



Traveling Adults


Keeping The Mouth Healthy Is Important To Overall Well-Being…..

And…keeping your family safe from daily harmful mouth bacteria is important too for long-term wellness. Using daily helps to create a “safer” mouth environment for all family members exchanging lots of hugs and kisses! Our family members are important to us, all the more reason to help our family members create healthy mouth environments.

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Frequently Ask Question

Why use SafeKiss™ daily at home?

SafeKiss™ all natural ingredients help to neutralize the bad mouth bacteria with its alkalizing bentonite clay, essential oils and colloidal silver

How do I brush with SafeKiss™ ?

Place a pearl size amount on a plastic knife and place that small pearl size amount inside your mouth. Once SafeKiss™ has been dissolved by the saliva, you can spit out the excess and begin using a wet tooth brush to brush the gums and teeth at the same time. SafeKiss™ has attached to the plaque. Once the toothbrushing has begun on the teeth and gums the cleaning of the teeth from toothbrushing has begun to take place.

What are the results of using SafeKiss™?

Because of the loosing of the plaque bacteria from rinsing and brushing with SafeKiss™ “A Maintenance All Natural Toothpaste” the teeth and gums have residual coating from the all-natural ingredients to help aid in the detoxification of the bad mouth bacteria.

What flavor is SafeKiss™?

Spearmint with a just a hint of peppermint flavor

Is SafeKiss™ safe for dental implants and cosmetic dentistry?

Yes very safe. Because of the all-natural ingredients used in the formulation of SafeKiss™ once the paste dissolves inside the mouth prior to brushing the paste helps aid in detoxing the bad mouth bacteria even prior to toothbrushing helping to make toothbrushing even more affective

How many servings are in a 2oz jar of SafeKiss™?

There are about 60 servings per SafeKiss™ jar

Have Additional Questions About SafeKiss™?

Great! We love answering questions. As we revolutionize the dental clinical setting with more holistic product type Dental Products, we would love to hear from you about what you like, dislike and want to have made available to you at your dental hygiene visits!

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