Empowering Like-Minded Dental Wellness Practices with Clinical Holistic Options.

The history of Hygiene Wellness, LCC began manufacturing in 2011. The request was driven by dental hygiene patients requesting a Fluoride Free prophy paste.  Thus, was created All Natural Prophy Paste. Because of its concentrated bentonite clay, essential oils, colloidal silver formulation ingredients, this prophy paste natural ingredients helps to aid in lowering destructive mouth bacteria when the bacteria is exposed to Proganics All Natural Prophy Paste following a dental hygiene hand scaling treatment.

Empowering Like-Minded Dental Wellness Patients for At Home Holistic Options.

It did not take long for dental hygiene patients to request an at home version of Fluoride Free natural ingredients toothpaste to use daily at home. Thus, All Natural Ingredients Toothpaste” was developed for synergistic daily at home use in-between Dental Hygiene visits.

Bleeding gum tissue can be a sign of weakened Health Immunity.

When Dental Hygienists scrape below the gumline, especially around restorative dentistry like crown margins, the disruption of bacterial build-up can happen. Thus, adding  the result of mobile negative bacteria which can attach in other areas of the soft tissue.

Alkalizing Saliva can help strengthen patient Health and Immunity

 All Natural Prophy Paste was designed to help increase saliva pH from low acidity environment. Increasing the pH in saliva helps to lower bad bacteria from spreading after a manual dental hygiene cleaning. Depending on the type of mouth chemistry environment of saliva in each person’s mouth, their body’s defense may need extra help in lowering bad mouth bacteria during at a dental hygiene cleaning visit.

The list of safe ingredients of   All Natural Prophy Paste uses is formulated to aid with lowering the bad mouth bacteria which can spread during a dental hygiene cleaning. Using   All Natural Prophy Paste as a follow up polish and cleaning teeth is very helpful in aiding patient’s immunity response to bad bacteria circulation inside the body. Research has shown displaced negative bacteria can travel to inside the body during dental hygiene cleanings. 

Alkalize then Mineralize

Our environmentally safe ingredients were formulated to help alkalize and clean, and also aid in the mineralization of the teeth. How this is accomplished is due to the alkalizing ionic minerals inside the formulation, which contribute to calcium carbonite coating substance. The white Bentonite Clay and Sea Salt help to coat, strengthen and fill in teeth enamel pores.

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