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“Our mission is to answer patients’ increasing requests for an all natural fluoride-free prophy paste dental hygiene visit.”

In the Beginning

Formulated in Santa Barbara by a Registered Dental Hygienist with 30 years in the dental industry and a passion for natural, whole-body wellness, Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” was born out of patient demand for an all natural alternative to commonly used fluoride-based prophy pastes. Most prophy pastes contain harsh chemicals, toxins, or other synthetics that are too harsh on patients’ immune systems. Our industry-breakthrough Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” is the only non-toxic fluoride-free prophy paste product on the market that alkalizes, mineralizes, and is made with pride in the USA! Dental hygiene patients can now enjoy the safety and effectiveness of Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” without worrying about the effects of potentially harmful prophy paste products contained in traditional abrasive prophy pastes, without the side-effects of fluoride exposure. Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” is the safe, non-fluoride alternative that is recommended by holistic and health-minded dental hygienists everywhere.

Over 30 years...

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Meet Our Founder

Victoria K. DaCosta, BS, RDH, IHP, CMT, NFB, Entrepreneur

That’s how many teeth, time and travel it took for Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” to take off. Formulated by a Holistic Dental Hygienist, Victoria DaCosta, Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” is a way to bridge the gap between patients’ desires to eliminate toxicity, and a hygienist’s desire to bring wellness into dental hygiene appointments. But her vision to create a more holistic dental hygiene environment didn’t stop there. She has since developed a new Oral-Systemic investigative screening software called the Tangram OSI Report Software™.

Victoria has 25 years practicing clinical Oral Systemic Dental Hygiene. She is a full time practicing certified Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) Clinical Medical Thermographer (CMT), inventor of the Oral Systemic Thermography™ technique. She works with patients to generate Oral-Systemic investigative screening software called the Tangram OSI Report Software™ – a communication bridge showcasing the oral systemic link between mouth and body. This powerful OSI Report™ produces an Oral Systemic Inflammatory Score™, a measured percentage that is an early warning alert system for mouth and body disease.

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