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Dental Hygienist using Proganics™ (All Natural Prophy Paste) notice helps to soften calculus for easier removal calculus. Our environmentally safe ingredients not only clean, but also help to mineralize teeth.

Alkalized ionic minerals and Calcium Carbonate supply vital nutrients to teeth that are required for effective re-mineralization. The white Bentonite Clay and Sea Salt regulate the pH of the mouth and neutralize damaging acidity.



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Any dental office that is utilizing our convenient auto-ship options is also given a listing on our website to help direct traffic to their facility as well as provide some marketing materials to help them stand out in their local community as Dentists with Flouride Free Options!

Frequently Ask Questions

Patients teeth “feel” cleaner because of its natural cleansers

Yes. Because it sends a message you are paying attention to even the small details in dental hygiene visits.

The natural ingredients allow for cleansing and polishing all at the same time vs just polishing

Basically, apply with a prophy “brush” angle or regular toothbrush to a patients teeth prior to scaling

There are 200 serving sizes per jar, but due to the concentration of ingredients less is needed to complete a full mouth polish.

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