The Holistic Prophy Paste and Immunity Mouth Cleanser

Proganics and SafeKiss

Formulated by a Holistic Dental Hygienist

A unique formulated combination of alkalizing blends of all natural organic ingredients created by an Integrative Wellness Dental Hygienist over months of research with her patients. Bentonite Clay, essential oil blends, oral-systemic immune strengthening liquids.

No Fluoride, sweeteners, artificial flavors, sugar alcohols, or xanthan gum.

Purely Natural and Safe to Swallow

  • Fluoride-Free

    Actually safe to swallow!

  • Whitens

    Gently buffs away yellow acid stains, leaving your natural white teeth to shine!

  • Alkalizes

    Germs can not live in this environment

  • Cleanses

    Does the job of a pre-wash and cleanse in one step


Proganics™(All Natural Prophy Paste)has been my paste of choice for years. Our patients appreciate a product with organic and natural ingredients. This product is not only a superior product for stain removal, but has a clean herbal mint taste.

Cynthia S., RDH, BS

Over the years we have used Proganics™(All Natural Prophy Paste)in our office. Our patients love the way their teeth feel so clean and fresh after each dental hygiene cleaning.

Linda Golden, DDS

I discovered that, because this All-Natural Prophy Paste ™ is so alkalizing, the tartar was easier to take off and remove heavy stains. As a result my patient’s teeth became 2 shades whiter!

Kathleen, RDH