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When you hear the words “Immune System”, sounds way to medical, right? Now add the phrase “suppressed immune” system. That even can send one’s mind over the top with lack of understanding.

The human immune system is there for a reason. As a natural built in defense system pre-birth and post birth coming into this world,  of the human body is programmed to help and build walls of bad bacterial defense invasions. The stimulation of immune system is necessary for strategic immune responses.

So what happens when our bodies strategic immune systems weaken or even break down? Exposure to what is “open borders”. Think of each good cell having “borders” to protect from the bad invasions. That is what is now referred to as the “suppressed immune” responses. Now the human body is vulnerable to anaerobic bacteria, cancer invasions, etc.  What can contribute to immune suppression are   also chemo therapy, allergy treatments, poor dental restoration work and yeah, kissing others with weakened saliva fluid contribute to challenging our immune systems with invasions.

Other signs of suppressed immune system are, high stress level, always have a cold, having lots of tummy troubles, wounds slow to heal, get frequent infections, feeling tired all the time. Any of these sound familiar to your health so far? What also suppresses immune system is chronic diseases, types of medical treatments, organ or bone marrow transplant, teeth implants, age, smoking, hospitalization, along with respiratory conditions.

What now? How to protect yourself if you already have a suppressed immune system, or are curious as to how to prevent a weakened immune system.  The key is create a solution of protection. And to find a way to you can decrease the bad “anaerobic” “gliding rods” bacteria. What are the benefits of a healthy immune system? To date, most health-care practitioners would say “increased quality of life-style”.

How to achieve such “increased quality of life-style”? First make a list of what you believe your suppressed immune markers currently are or could be. Once you have that list, look at how to address the list to reverse those negative invasions on your immune system. Learn about what can kill bad bacteria invasions. What kind of environments inside your body you can create to thwart off the bad and increase the good germ bacteria!

Bad bacteria do not like environments that have oxygen. Once they are introduced to oxygen levels beyond their defense they literally die off. So how is this extra oxygen introduced to the body? Well through your blood system is a good start. There needs to be a balance between a bodies alkalizing and acidic producing blood. Alkalizing blood helps to fight off the bad anaerobic bacteria like cancers, infections, germs because these bad germs can not live in such healthy environments. Once easy way to help find out what type of balance is inside your body is to use what are called pH strips. These pH strips are strips of treated paper, once introduced to the saliva inside the mouth turn color. The healthy color dark blue, means healthy mouth environment containing good germ bacteria. The yellow color, means unhealthy mouth environment containing bad germ bacteria. Why is this simple and very inexpensive test so important? Because one has immediate information about access their bodies current immune systems environment. Proganics “All Natural Prophy Paste” helps to create prior to all dental hygiene visits an alkalizing environment which helps aid in the protection of the bad guy germs penetrating from surface of the mouth into the blood stream via dental hygiene cleaning instrumentation. Thus, creating a more safer dental hygiene patient visit if they are at the time showing signs of a suppressed immune system.

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