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Now available for another family member’s teeth cleaning. Now when pet owners request no fluoride for their “Fur Baby’s” teeth cleaning, you now have an option to use—Proganics™ for Vets.


Pet Owners


Rescue Clinics

Benefits To Your Animal Patients

Marketing Materials & SEO Boost

Any veternarian office that is utilizing our convenient auto-ship options is also given a listing on our website to help direct traffic to their facility as well as provide some marketing materials to help them stand out in their local community as Veternarians with Flouride Free Options!

Frequently Ask Question

Helps to heal gum tissue inflammation

Can now offer pet owners “natural teeth cleanings” for their pets

Yes. Only contains “all natural” ingredients and is even safe for soft tissue exposure

Usually 200 servings, depends on amount used per animal teeth cleaning visit

Using a finger ring, one can easily fill the cup with a pea size amount to achieve a full mouth teeth polish

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