Progranics™ "All-Natural Prophy Paste" for Veterinarians

Even pet Horses can get gum disease? Yes they can! The best way to handle tooth and gum disease is with using alkalinity type dental products on pets. No pet owner wants to have their “Fur Baby” suffer from inflammation of the mouth, right?

Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” for Pets can do just that! As a wellness-minded
Veterinary, why not offer all domestic animal owners a choice for their pet’s professional dental cleanings?

Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” for Pets contains “All Natural” ingredients, it’s that simple! By using an alkalized base prophy paste cleanser for pet professional dental cleanings, you offer to animal owners a wellness and safe comfort beyond. With the unease of chemical imbalances today, making known in the world, wouldn’t it be best to offer a way of comfort for animal pet owners – their “Fur Babies” a safer way for their professional dental cleanings to take place?

Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” for Pets is a safe and easy way to deliver the kind of Veterinary services that really matter for your pet patients. At least you can mention either on your website or in person, you care about what “goes inside the mouth” of each and every animal owners “Fur Baby’s” pet!