Proganics™ "All Natural Prophy Paste" For Dentists

Not a dentist? Don’t worry we won’t tell. You will want to keep reading!

Congrats you made it!

Congratulations, you’re one of 200,000 dentists still practicing in the United States today. You’ve weathered dental school, startup drama, student loans, and lots and lots of teeth. Not to mention a Pandemic of Biblical proportions! Fortunately, you’re also in a profession with a never-ending supply of cuspids, molars and incisors. And unless babies stop teething, you’re looking at high job security. So, there’s that.

The biggest challenge for most dentists and how Proganics™ solves it.

But face it, at the end of the day your biggest challenge is keeping your schedule booked, the chairs filled and everybody in your office happy. It’s a tall order, but fortunately, Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” can help fill it. Just like that nasty carious lesion you filled last week. “Really? My prophy paste can fill my schedule?” Yes, and we can prove it!

Make up to $10,000 more per month without doing anything more than protecting patient health.

Take a look at the simple math: Proganics™ = More Patients per day (cost per cleaning using Proganics= 37cents per patient)

Prophy Paste Minustes per Patient Total Minutes Saved Patients per Day *Patients per Day NEW Daily Revenue
the usual brand

Hey, if you don’t want to pack the calendar, no problem. Just enjoy a more relaxed schedule without having to rush through the day, or if you get behind. Add more smiles & dollars to the bottom line

Owning a business is tough. And you have to keep a lot of people happy. Whether you work for yourself, in a partnership, with an investor group, a franchise, or corporation, everyone can smile about a better bottom line. And with Proganics™ All-Natural Prophy Paste, you’ll get more patients, keep more patients, and give them each a smile worth sharing.

Not only can Proganics™ All-Natural Prophy Paste help you add more patients per day to your schedule, it can also be used as an effective marketing message to drive home the power of non-toxic cleaning. Who would have thought your prophy paste could be one of your best marketing tools? We did.

It’s no secret that we live in a society that is increasingly focused on their own health. As they should be. Call it vanity, or just that ol’ primeval survival of the species mentality, but it drives behavior. And with a pandemic still fresh in their minds, the public wants to feel safe at every step, especially when stepping into your dentist office.

Our industry is no stranger to safety and compliance. In fact, Dentists lean heavy on the super-safe over-compliant side as you have for decades. And now, it’s your time to let the rest of the world know about it. Let your teeth do the talking.

Join Dentists everywhere who are vocal about non-toxic, Fluoride-Free Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” All-Natural Prophy Paste. Patients will be thrilled to know that an all-natural prophy paste is at the center of their dentalcare.

We’ve found Dentist offices are using Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” All-Natural Prophy Paste as a focal point of their marketing to assure patients that their offices are at the forefront of safe dental practices. And because patients will leave with an unbelievably clean mouth, and an Instagram-worthy whiter smile, their friends will notice and undoubtingly book an appointment. 

Why your medical background is underrated and what you can do about it.

“Sure, you’re a Doctor. But you’re not THAT kind of Doctor.” You’ve heard it before, seen it in the judgmental eyes of “higher” medical professionals, and read it in the minds of countless others. Somehow, your 4-8 years of schooling, hours of training, and deep background in the medical field doesn’t translate like it should. Actually, the mouth is connected to the rest of the body. Bridge the ignorance gap.

The one thing that will help bridge that ignorance gap between you and your patients, prospects and other medical professionals, is EDUCATION. Not yours…you’ve already put in up to 2,920 days of student-based education. We’re talking about educating your patients, the public and even some of those high-browed other medical doctors. 

The reality is you understand the Oral-Systemic Link better than they do. You know how oral health can impact the entire body and you’re in a unique position to help educate your community. So let’s start when they open their mouth for their dental hygiene visit.

The Dental Hygienist spend the most time with your patients and can help them understand the value of a non-toxic approach to oral cleanings. The Dental Hygienist is the best patient-retention tool you have, and an outstanding referral engine.

Putting Your Money Where Their Mouth Is

Think about it. That’s not as weird as it sounds. You’re paying for prophy paste anyway. You might as well back up your claims of oral safety by using, non-toxic, fluoride-free Proganics™ “All Natural Prophy Paste” All-Natural Prophy Paste to help crystalize your health expert status in their minds.

Industry Breakthrough

Discover a revolutionary mouth and body connection for early medical disease indicators.