Pre-hand scaling treatment usage to save 15-20 minutes per patient

Using Proganics™ as a pre-cleaning treatment softens the plaque and loosens stubborn tartar, making it gooey and spongy to come right off. It significantly reduces teeth scraping time so you can either fit more patients in your schedule, or enjoy a rush-free day.

“The plaque just kind of melts away.”

Our customers report that using Proganics™ as a pre-treatment routinely saves them up to 20 minutes per patient. No more long scraping or scaling sessions while the patient squirms uncomfortably.

Make Calculus Less Painful

The alkalizing effects of Proganics™ releases that tarter, helps kill mouth bacteria, and decreases inflammation during cleaning, making it less painful… like math calculus should be.

Tastes change… and so should your prophy paste


The Remineralization properties of Proganics™ promotes healthy teeth, while the Alkalization helps balance the pH of unhealthy acidic mouths.

Our all natural prophy’s taste is a good indication of a patient’s oral health. If the patient notices a bitter or unpleasant taste, then their mouth is acidic. However, after a thorough cleaning, they will notice that the prophy tastes good and fresh which means the prophy has balanced their pH levels.