A New Simple and Natural Way to Clean Teeth

As an alternative to fluoride and chemical based prophy pastes, Proganics All Natural Prophy Paste ™ ingredients are formulated without fluoride and made fresh with loving care! You do not have to be a holistic dental office to use Proganics All Natural Prophy Paste ™. Proganics Prophy Paste is the perfect all natural & organic alternative for your holistic minded dental hygiene patients!

Proganics All Natural Prophy Paste is a good indicator of a patients oral health. If the patient notices a bitter taste when first cleansing/rinsing with our prophy, that means their oral pH levels are acidic and unhealthy. If the patient notices a pleasant minty taste, then they probably have a healthy balanced pH. In either case, our Proganics Prophy Paste will work through the dental cleaning session to remineralize and alkalize your patients oral pH to healthy levels. After you polish and do your final rinse, your patients will notice that the prophy has taste great and they will notice how clean their teeth feel.

Whitening results will vary by patient.