Hygiene Wellness™, Inc

"All Natural Prophy Paste"

At Last, an “All Natural GERM CLEANSER Prophy Paste” made for all Holistic and Dental Offices.
Hygiene Wellness™, Inc

"All Natural Prophy Paste"

At Last, an “All Natural GERM CLEANSER Prophy Paste” made for all Holistic and Dental Offices.


Actually safe to swallow!


Healing teeth done white!


Germs can not live in this environment


Does the job of a pre-wash and cleanse in one step

Safe to use inside the mouth if swallowed

Best Selling Product

for Home

Helps your teeth to feel like you just had your daily dental hygiene visit at home!

for Dentistry

Helps to make all dental hygiene visits easy stain and calculus removal.

for Vets

Great product to have for Holistic pet owners requesting natural pet dental visits.

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Patient Protection for Your Dental Care

COVID-19 changed everything. Dentistry is no different; however, our industry has long since led the way in safety and compliance. Additional health protocols are the norm.

Fortunately, you can reassure your patients’ protection from invading acidic bacteria into their body using Proganics™ alkalizing prophy paste ingredients for all dental hygiene cleanings, plus more!

Safe & Non-toxic with Proven Results

Proganics™ is an “All Natural Prophy Paste” that alkalizes, mineralizes and is proven to whiten up to 2 shades lighter with only one use.

Powered by nature, this amazing paste uses only safe ingredients to ensure your patients have a natural, non-toxic dental experience.

They get that clean feeling teeth, brag-worth shiny smile, and you’ll save time on scraping that nasty hard tartar.

Fluoride-Free Safety

Wellness begins in the mouth and now dental wellness offices across the country are providing the best possible holistic prophy paste to their patients. Proganics™ "All Natural Prophy Paste" combines all-natural, non-toxic ingredients to provide a fluoride-free alternative to traditional prophy pastes.


Save up to 15 minutes or more with each patient just by using Proganics™ "All Natural Prophy Paste" as a pre-cleanser for your patients. No more heavy scraping or endless scaling.

Works like magic! (don’t worry, we won't tell the Tooth Fairy.)

Dual-Action: Cleanse & Polish

Our Proganics™ "All Natural Prophy Paste" prophy paste uses bentonite clay and naturally whitens stained teeth up to two shades. Not only will your patients’ teeth be lighter in color, but most patients will comment on how clean their teeth feel. See what others have to say


Proganics has been my paste of choice for years. Our patients appreciate a product with organic and natural ingredients. This product is not only a superior product for stain removal, but has a clean herbal mint taste.
Cynthia S., RDH, BS
Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry
Over the years we have used Proganics™ All Natural Prophy Paste in our office. Our patients love the way their teeth feel so clean and fresh after each dental hygiene cleaning.
Linda Golden, DDS
Linda Golden, DDS Golden Dental Wellness Center
I discovered that, because this All-Natural Prophy Paste ™ is so alkalizing, the tartar was easier to take off and remove heavy stains. As a result my patient’s teeth became 2 shades whiter!
Kathleen, RDH
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