Fluoride-Free Safety

We believe as you do that wellness begins in the mouth.  So, why should you put a toxic chemical like fluoride inside your patient’s mouth …Especially when the major source of fluoride toxicity remains oral hygiene products, and toothpaste ingestion remains the main source of toxicity. [Fluoride Toxicity from Oral Medicaments – PROOF PAGE LINK: Fluoride Article]

The highest proportion (more than 80%) of the cases of fluoride toxicity was reported in children below the age of 6. [29.Martinez-Mier EA]

Our NO HARM Pledge

We pledge to never use chemicals, fillers, or any harmful toxic ingredients. 

That’s why Proganics™ is an all-natural toxin-free prophy paste you’d feel good using with your own loved ones.

All Natural Ingredients. Always.

Organic ingredients are the foundation of Proganics™ and the reason Dentists, Hygienists, Dental Assistants and Parents everywhere love using our natural prophy paste. 

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Safe for Cosmetic Dentistry

Proganics™ is safe on crowns because it’s made with gently ingredients like fine pumice, not that gravel that other pastes use. Our fine pumice creates a smooth texture that wont feel gritty. 

Proganics™ antioxidant ingredients also absorb around each dental restoration gum-line areas strengthening gum tissues and decreasing inflammation.

Our totally organic ingredients are also safe for the elderly and children.

Parents: We Got You!

Dirt, shoes, crayons, permanent markers, boogers… and toxic prophy paste —  Things your kids should NOT put in their mouths.

It’s hard enough keeping things out of your kid’s mouth that don’t belong there so the last place you should expect this is at the Dentist office. Proganics™ is safe on kids and non-toxic if…we mean WHEN it’s swallowed. Non-Toxic is only the beginning of safety!

We’re also working on a great new kid-friendly all-natural orange flavor so check back soon.

 Organic Ingredient Health Benefit
White Bentonite Clay
Helps alkalize the gut | Helps kill bacteria | Helps people with weakened immune system
Calcium Carbonate
Alkalizes | Deactivates anaerobic bacteria
Pumice Stone
Helps to polish
*Mustard Seed
An historical & biblical ingredient! Strengthens teeth & gums
Balance fluids in the blood | Balances electrolytes | Promotes vascular health
Trace Minerals
Linked to good bone health
*Essential Oil Blend: Peppermint
Helps fight bacteria | Freshens breath
High in antioxidants
With added *Essential Oil Blends
Promotes health
*Liquid Silver
Helps fight bacteria and viruses
[*Also all Natural Ingredients]