Dual-Action Formula Brightens & Whitens

Proganics™ works both as an amazing Cleanserer, and as a surprisingly effective Polisher. When hygienists and dental assistants apply our prophy paste after the pre-cleaning treatment, they see the immediately hear patient responsee effects during the teeth cleaning phase mentione “(wow, what did you use on my teeth they “feel” very clean!!!


And the active natural ingredients result in a noticeably fresher mouth, and brag-worthy whiter teeth.


Our Organic Formula Brings The Smiles

With all healthy ingredients, what’s there not to smile about?

Proganics™ doesn’t use harsh bleaches, or other synthetic, toxic chemicals to trick teeth into shinning. Instead, we use bentonite clay to safely polish and lift stains and tartar.

Because of our unique alkaline formula, Patients and dental hygienist will notice immediate results and up to 2 shades whiter teeth in one cleaning thanks to our new simple and natural way to pre-treat, then polish later.

Not only will Proganics™ lift stains, clean and polish teeth safely, but will even keep all crown coloring safe.